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Work at Relay Room

We love hearing from individuals with outstanding talent and great attitude—not just in creative and production roles but account servicing, too. Emailed resumes and portfolio links are accepted for consideration and potential ridicule (just kidding!). While we can’t reply to every email we receive, we will certainly contact candidates who might be a good fit for the studio. We occasionally offer internships (you have to be special… really special…).

To get the latest on job openings and other studio events, follow @relayroom on Twitter.

If you’d like to work at Relay Room full time, we’re always looking for people who are/with:

  • Passionate, knowledgeable and sensitive… about Design and especially Type
  • Fun personalities with humble and never-say-die attitudes that would fit well into our close-knit team
  • Confident in expressing their opinions (and speaking in general)
  • Strong ideation skills, aesthetic taste and attention to detail

Bonus: You have all of the above AND mad coding skills? We want you!

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